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The training from Xavian was effective as he will teach my family and me how to train joy the right way. My dog joy has biting problems and food aggression. After 3 training lessons from Xavian, joy has been improving and not biting me or my family. I would recommend Xavian to people with dogs that need training! Yes the price is very affordable compared to other trainers.

-Charis (Joy's owner) 

Xavian is a dog lover himself and very passionate about dog training. Even for a few hours with him and Cayla, I’ve learnt quite a bit from him. Cayla started walking beside me instead of her pulling me with her! He showed me how to see my dog’s behavior, her relax and alert mode. The right time to give praises or nudge her when necessary. Xavian is knowledgeable about dogs behavior and obviously loves what he does.

-Karen (Cayla's fosterer)

Had a problem with a dog that pulls with tremendous strength. But under his training, that stubborn boy manages to walk well with a leash that is essentially just a string!!

Highly recommend for all dog types, especially excitable and aggressive dogs.

-Ken ( Max's owner) 

We engaged Xavian to help us understand how to teach our puppy (Kobi) to walk on the leash without pulling. He was able to get Kobi to respond within the first minute and he helped to teach us how we can continue this training on our own. He gave us great advise on other concerns we had. For example, we were a little nervous about leaving him home alone for the first time and Xavian gave us useful tips and broke it down for us on how we can slowly ease him into getting used to the idea of being home alone. So far so GOOD!
Xavian has kept in contact and followed up via whatsapp after the session. We really appreciated that because it showed us how much he really cares.
We are planning to go on one of his pack walks soon and cant wait to see how that goes!
We highly recommend him. His techniques work and his energy around the dogs is so wonderful!

-Tara ( Kobi's owner) 

Thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions brought to us by Xavian! Our dog has been barking a fair bit annoying some of our neighbours, but after one session, our dog has shown vast improvement. Still barks but not so often, and not so easily anymore. Xavian understands dog behaviour very well! He was very patient while handling our dog and teaching us the methods to calm our over excited dog down. He never got agitated or annoyed even when our lab pulled and tugged at the leash forcefully when there were approaching dogs. Would highly recommend Wagabone to pawrents looking to train or manage their furkids :) Good job and please keep the good work up! 😋

-Janet (Buddy's owner)

My dog is overly active and has several behavioural problems. It wasn’t easy to handle for my family. However, Xavian is skilful in tackling the problems and know what’s the appropriate training for it. Just after a few sessions, my dog has shown huge improvements (E.g. being able to stay calm; walking on the leash without being too aggressive in pulling; listening to commands). Thank you Xavian for being very patience in all the times, training my dog with mutual respect, and giving me extra tips about behavioural training. :) Anyone that needs help in training their dogs should consider Wagabone, highly recommend!

-Ying (Chewie's fosterer) 

5 out of 5, not only does he train dogs but he is an excellent bird trainer as well! my bird came to me with cage aggression and within a session he managed to calm him down and give me tips on what to do! super professional and I'm not just saying this because he's a friend, legitmately super passionate about animals!

-Vincent ( Abby's owner) 

Xavian is extremely passionate with dog training and allows us to consult him for advice through Whatsapp. He gave us many tips on how to handle our first puppy, such as to teach her not to bite grass. Highly recommend Wagabone!!

-Nicole ( Stella's owner) 

Xavian from Wagabone was very responsive in helping us with our dog's fearfulness. We couldn't get our puppy to walk out of the apartment. Xavian solved this in a minute and showed us how to continue the training ourselves. Very professional and capable. He even made follow-up calls to see how the training was continuing.

-Peter ( Petal's owner) 

Engaged Xavian for my puppy, for what I thought was fearfulness. And Xavian requested for a video prior to meeting up.
He informed me that my dog has insecurity and not fearfulness. One session with Xavian, and he showed me how to handle my puppy and gave me a few tips. That one lesson really helped my puppy and I.
initially, my puppy couldn't be around humans and dogs but now he has no problem. he does still feel unsure about them but has a whole new attitude towards them and is more open.
Went for a pack walk with Xavian and a few other dogs and it was an enjoyable experience. Being able to see so many dogs walk together and make friends was really nice.
I would definitely recommend his trainings and the pack walks too!

-Lee Ann ( Bovin's owner) 

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Passionate individuals in animal welfare aiming to rehabilitate dogs and train owners. Our rehabilitation techniques are evolved around the understanding of dogs’ psychology and eliminating the use of harsh tools such as shock collar or prong collar, reflecting the depth of knowledge acquired. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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